Pixelhuset: The Artwork of David Brasgalla

Portrait of Dave Brasgalla

About The Artist

I am an illustrator/designer who lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm a partner and senior designer at The Iconfactory. My catalog of work includes system icon design for many of the world's top computer operating systems and applications, game graphics, music and sound effects, as well as film concept art and matte paintings. Pixelhuset is a personal showcase for my illustration and film work.

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Pixelhuset can be followed on Twitter for site news and occasional musings about art. I try to keep everything on the feed relevant to illustration, inspiration and being creative in a digital environment.

About The Site

Pixelhuset began in 1997 as a destination webpage for a plot of virtual land in Bernd Holzhausen's now-defunct Icontown project. The original name was to be "Bithaus", a somewhat obvious play on "Bauhaus". However, that name was in use for another project, and "Pixelhaus" became the official name. After a change of location to Sweden in 2000, "Pixelhuset" seemed more appropriate - it's swedish for "the house of pixels", and follows the traditional swedish naming convention for such things.

Pixelhuset is hand-coded using Bare Bones Software's TextWrangler. CSS and general tech guidance has come from many sources, including Blue Robot, Glisch.com, Keith Donegan of Code-Sucks.com and Kate England of Marmalade Moon.

If you are wondering, Pixelhuset is pronounced "piks-ehl-who-set".